Slimey Action Shield™ Body Armor - JK 4 Door

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Slimey Action Shield™ Body Armor - JK 4 Door

Action Shield™ is our patented Body Armor for Jeeps.

4X4 Attitude Action Shield™ protects your vehicle's paint from trail/road hazards! Also Great for Advertising!

American Made UV Printed 30 mil "Removable & Reusable" protective adhesive skin with a super tough textured scratch resistant layer.

Helps prevent scratches from branches, flying dirt, and mud when going off-road. Not to mention parking lot intentional keying, wild shopping carts, and door bangers!

Do you have your own design idea? Email us and we'll make it for you!

Want to see how easy it is to install? Be sure to check out our How to Videos



  • Installation is simple and does not need any expertise or tools.
  • Please make certain the Action Shield™ and Your vehicle are clean, dry, oil and wax-free before application. This will allow for perfect adhesion when properly installed.
  • Action Shield can be left on for extended periods of time in all weather. 
  • Please keep the liner to store the Shields when not in use.
  • Avoid direct sunlight / hot vehicle panels when applying or removing the Shields.
  • Standard installation takes less than 30 minutes. 5-10 minutes with practice.
  • Unroll and layout all panels on the liner.  Pull one panel from liner, hold at corners with clean hands. Align the top section to your corresponding vehicle panel and simply press in position with palm of your hand. Gently adjust as needed for perfect flat adhesion or to press out air pockets. Finish by pressing firmly all around the edges for a perfect fit. 
  • Avoid damaging corners, pulling in a tearing motion, or only holding one spot.
  • We make our Shields to fit standard models. If needed the Shield can be modified to fit with a sharp knife or scissors to confirm with vehicle modifications or badges. It is important to have the entire Shield adhere in all areas to avoid wind and dirt intrusion which will weaken the bond.
  • Failure to install the Shields with a flush, an uninterrupted bond may result in a lost or damaged panel.


  • If the Shield’s adhesive gets dirty or muddy simply use dish soap and a gentle soft sponge to clean, let totally dry before storage or re-applying to your vehicle.
  • Make certain that all edges are firmly in place and maintain a perfect bond. Check regularly and clean as needed.
  • If pressure hoses are used to clean the Shields and Vehicle avoid angles that may force water between the Shields and vehicle panels.
  • When not using Shields, store flat or loosely rolled, in a clean and dry location. Avoid extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Do not fold or it may result in damage to panel.
  • Recommend installation and removal at room temperature only.

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2 years for fade and craftsmanship

If you are a club or association or a reseller, please contact us for special pricing!