Slimey Action Shield™ Body Armor - JT Gladiator

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Slimey Action Shield™ Body Armor - JT Gladiator


Fits 2020-2023 Jeep® Gladiator JT Models

- Unparalleled Protection - Action Shield Body Armor contains a super-tough, textured, scratch-resistant layer, which is extremely durable and protects your paint and finish, from both on- and off-road threats: dirt, mud, rocks, branches, bushes and even those pesky car keys and shopping carts!

- Non Magnetic -  Magnetic Body Armor can slide and get dirt and grit between it, and your paint, which can cause long term damage.  

Action Shield Body Armor utilizes adhesive which stays put and prevents dirt and grit from grinding on your paint and finish. 

- Washable and Reusable -  Action Shield Body Armor utilizes adhesive which is washable and reusable.  All it takes is a bit of soap and water to clean the adhesive, then let dry, and you are ready to rock! 

- American Made - Our Action Shield Body Armor is made here on US soil.  Our shop is located in Buford, Georgia, a stone's throw away from Atlanta.

- Easy to Install - No special tools or modifications required! This Action Shield Body Armor installs quickly and easily.

- 1-year Warranty - Our Action Shield Body Armor is made to order, with quality materials for durability and finished with care. We stand behind our work!


Want Your Own Unique Design!?

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Our Action Shield BodyArmor is made for Jeep® JK 4 Door, JK 2 Door, JL 4 Door, JL 2 Door, and JT Gladiator are made from Premium Vinyl Mesh

Composite Layered, such as Protective Adhesive Layer that seals tight to the body of your vehicle and a Super Tough Textured Layer that is Scratch resistant.

Install Kit includes wool applicator, plastic corrugated boards, for storage, instructions & diagrams, as well as Free Stickers, Coupons for your next order.


Want to see how easy it is to install & maintain?

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