Distressed USA Grayscale Trail Flag

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Distressed USA Greyscale 4x4 Attitude Trail Flag

AVAILABLE SIZES: | TRAIL FLAG: 12in x 18in |  or  | MONSTER TRAIL FLAG: 3ft x 5ft |

It's time to Own Your Attitude. Give your 4x4 a personality of its own. Stand out of the crowd, show your support, make a statement, or advertise your passions with our custom flags.

We use a high quality outdoor double sided flag that shows off vibrant colors. Our flags use a heavy duty canvas pole header. We offer a variety of mounting options.

Do you have your own design idea? Email us and we'll make it for you! info@4x4attitude.com

Want to see how easy it is to install? Be sure to check out our How to Videos


The mounting options are as follows: 

  • Clip Flag - Flags meant to fit just about any antenna or whip. This package includes the flag and mounting clips. 
  • Car Window Flag Pole - This package is perfect for those who want to showcase one or many flags in their window. It includes the flag and flag pole.
  • Grip-On - A flag with two double-sided industry strengthed Velcro straps and adjustable size hook.
  • Grommet Flag - Flag with two grommets pressed in. 
  • Zip Flag - This package includes a universal mount pole, zip ties and the flag. This package is a great fit for the roll cage, golf carts, ATVs, and boats. 

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If you are a club or association or a reseller, please contact us for special pricing!